Terms and Conditions


Please read:

Written to provide clear guidance for all customers and to take into account any health and safety aspects.


APPROACH: I train using positive reinforcement methods only.  During consultation I will explain why I use these methods and how they work whilst giving examples of other methods and why I feel they won’t necessarily have the desired outcomes.  I will provide you with training approaches to use that I believe are the best ways to train, teach, guide and bond with your dog(s).  My training provides one set of methods and approaches and whilst I believe they provided the most positive and kindest approach to training, you are, of course, free to use all or none of the advice provided.


BOOKING: Once a booking is made and time confirmed you will be sent a general questionnaire that we ask is completed and returned at least 24 hours prior to the appointment.


Please be honest when completing the questionnaire and provide information about any aggression or reactivity, however small the incident, that has been witnessed so that we can all remain safe.


During a consultation any training undertaken is at the owner’s risk and Harness Positivity will not accept any responsibility for any loss, injury or damage during or after any training or behaviour session. 


It is generally recommended that all dog owners take out insurance which includes cover for public liability and third party as well as cover for veterinary fees.


The Harness Positivity mobile telephone, 07887 248084, will be answered, if possible, when not in consultations, between 9am and 5pm Monday to Saturday.


PAYMENT: this can be made by cash, card or bank transfer and we ask that this is made once invoiced following any appointment.


CANCELLATIONS: If an appointment needs to be cancelled then we ask for at least 24 hours’ notice so that your appointment can be rescheduled and offered to someone else.



It is fully understood that your privacy is important and care has to be taken regarding your personal data.  Personal data will only be collected and used in the ways that are detailed below.


Please read this privacy policy.  Your acceptance of the privacy policy is taken as given when you first use this website.


Personal data which is collected via the contacts page on this website will be emailed to the harnesspositivity@gmail.com email account and will not be forwarded, shared or copied from that location.


The client questionnaire that is sent to customers wishing to book a consultation will be required to be emailed to the harnesspositivity@gmail.com email account and will not be forwarded, shared or copied from that location.


Any enquiry emails that are emailed to the harnesspositivity@gmail.com email account will not be forwarded, shared or copied from that location.


The Harness Positivity email account is password protected and only accessed by Harness Positivity, which is fully protected by McAfee virus protection software.


All personal data is processed and stored securely and only used and kept for as long as necessary in light of the reason(s) for which it was first collected, either for training and/or behaviour consultation. 


Your personal data belongs to you and you have the right to request to see your data at any time.